2024 speakers

Elizabeth Yin

Co-founder and General Partner at Hustle Fund

Tony Jamous

CEO and co-founder of Oyster

Zach Coelius

Founder of Coelius Capital

Mary Cristine

Integrative Nutrition & Gut Specialist

Omar Hagrass

Co-Founder & CEO at Trella

Apostolos Apostolakis

Founding Partner VentureFriends

Ioannis Michaloudis

Visual Artist, Researcher & Academic, creator of the Coperni Air Swipe bag

Alakh Pandey

Founder and CEO of Physics Wallah

Jason Ball

VC at Ball Ventures and angel investor

Victoria Hernandez Valcarcel

Board of Directors Member at EIC Fund

Idriss Al Rifai

Founder & CEO of flow48

Vaibhav Kapoor

Co-founder, Pristyn Care

Andreas Ioannou

VC at CommerzVentures

Hannah Kromminga

Founder and CEO GIFTD, Co-founder Greentech Alliance

Fedor Balashko

Head of Sales for Apps and Fintech at TikTok

Mergim Cahani

Founder and CEO of Gjirafa

Pedro Vieira

Partner at 500 Global

Robin Wauters

Founder of Tech.eu

Ugne Buraciene

Group CEO at payabl.

Valentinos Polykarpou

General Manager Wargaming & Chairman of TechIsland

Kostas Kontogiannis

Chief Financial Officer at Skroutz

Bono van Nijnatten

General Manager Payments at ASOS

Bindi Karia

Venture Partner at Molten Ventures

Philippos Soseilos

CEO & Chairman PwC Cyprus

Ricardo Gorski

YouTuber & Founder Tax.One

Alexis Majos

Principal at Speedinvest

Eli Zhabevska

Principal, South Central Ventures

Ralph Hinsche

Senior Business Development Manager at NVIDIA

Dana Sydorenko

Founder & CEO at GameTree

Dmitriy Novakovskiy

Head of Customer Engineering, Google Cloud

Pascal Murasira

Founding Partner at Africa Cities Fund

Abdo Mhanna

Operations Manager, KSA Expansion

Rikke Birkegaard Stær

CEO at Coinify

Tatiana Ondrejkova

Founder and CEO of pelicantravel.com and angel investor

Adam Bonnifield

Entrepreneur & Expert in AI

Theodoros Loukaidis

Director General at Cyprus Research & Innovation Foundation

Alexis Pantazis

Co-Founder and Executive Director of Hellas Direct

Alexey Sidorov

Investment Director at Flashpoint VC

Adam Ridgway

Founder & CEO of ONE MOTO

Simos Simillides

Commercial Director at Pafilia

Ahmad Yousry

Co-Founder and CEO at Rabbit

André Moeller

Global Payments Professional at Elli - A Brand of the Volkswagen Group

Elena Pantazi

Partner, Northzone

Jonathan Green

Managing Director & Chief Technology Officer at Arcadia Funds, LLC

Ahmed Sheikha

Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer of Brimore

Ertan Can

Partner at Multiple Capital

Linda Plano

Managing Director at Plano & Simple

Alexander Vaselek

Founder & CEO at CIMEDO

Alex Kudos

CMO at Social Discovery Group

Alex Loizou

CEO of Trouva

Anargyros Kaninis

Angel Investor & Mentor, Founder at Gigaroxx

Constantinos Kombos

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Cyprus

Alexa Shkuratova

DFC Cyprus Leader and Island School student

Nikolas P. Mastroyiannopoulos

Founding Managing Partner of W11 Ventures

Nawwaf Alhmaidan

Director of Patient Safety Department at Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz Hospital

Alexander Jahn

Managing Partner at Reflect Festival

Alexander Shkuratov

Founder of the Island Private School

Mohammed Al Rasbi

Founder & GP at R&D Capital & Labs

Dusan Zabrodsky

Partner at Rockaway Capital

Elena Emelyanova

Senior Payments and Fraud Manager at Wargaming

Waddah Albassam

CMO of Alphaiota, Founder of SmartHealth Medical Company

David Höhl

Partner at Interface Capital

Jonathan Labin

Advisor, Angel Investor & Board Member (Ex META, Unifonic, Paramount)

Elias Neocleous

Managing Partner, Elias Neocleous & Co LLC.

Numan Numan

Founder & General Partner at 212

Roula Bachtalia

Director of egg-enter.grow.go

Nicodemos Damianou

Deputy Minister of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy, Republic of Cyprus

George Karantonis

Partner at Metavallon VC

Tomas Obrtac

Partner at Kaya VC

Mikkel Sørensen

Founding Director of DTU Skylab Innovation Hub (DE) & Co-founder of Stormglas, active investor.

Yassaman Omidbakhsh

Founder & Co-CEO, eyerim

Andreas Panayi

Co-Founder at Kinisis Ventures and KV Fund Investment Advisory Committee

Mike Fischer

Business Consultant and Professor, USC Games

Andreas Papadopoulos

Head, Commercial Banking, Hellenic Bank

Sara Enan

VC, Principal at VentureSouq

Harris C. Georgiades

Chairman of the Foreign and European Affairs Committee of the Cyprus Parliament

Julius Georgiou

Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Cyprus

Elias Pitsavos

Head of Klarna Greece

Michal Smida

Entrepreneur, Ex-Founder Twisto

Teodor Antonio Georgiev

Head of Storytelling Studio & Chief Communications Officer at The Recursivе

Wafa Obaidat

CEO and Founder of Playbook

Artem Nikulshin

Investment Director at The Alternative

Paul Blackborrow

Angel Investor & former CEO & Co-Chairman of Energetiq Technology, Inc

Michel Kovac

Venture capitalist at McWin

Kim Wang

Associate Professor at Suffolk University Business Sawyer School

Markos Zachariadis

Professor in Financial Technology (FinTech) and Economics of Innovation, University of Manchester

Michael Economou

Founder Exyde, former co-founder Foody

Matej Říha

Managing Director at Venture to Future Fund

Marie-Therese Fam

Investment consultant and IC member of Five 35 Ventures

George Georghiou

Founding Member of PHAETHON & Professor at University of Cyprus

Stavrinos Kyriakou

Startups and ISV Strategy Lead for Microsoft Southeast Europe.

Petr Koblic

CEO and Chairman Prague Stock Exchange

Rania Lamprou

Co-Founder & CEO at Simpler.

Demetrios Zoppos

Executive Chairman, Klevio & Co founder Onefinestay, Angel Investor

Mike Charalambous

CEO at Threedium

Maria Markidou Georgiadou

Managing Director, Cyprus Seeds

Yiannis Misirlis

Imperio Group - Chairman

Mathilda Nathan

Co-founder & CEO at BORRN

Sean Forward

UK CEO of payabl.

Sergey Arkhangelskiy

Engineer and Entrepreneur, Founder and ex-CEO at Wanna

Chris Christou

Associate Professor at University of Nicosia

George Karanatsidis

Business Operations Associate at Skroutz

Maria Terzi

Co-Founder & CEO of Malloc

Ignacio Monereo

Partner at Boost Capital Partners

Monica Polemitis

Founder and CEO of Hybrid ConsulTech and Board Member of the Research and Innovation Foundation

Tata Maytesyan

Growth and Product Strategy Advisor to Sololearn, Picsart and Spaarkd AG

Karel Zheng

Investor at Kaya VC

Aristos Damianou

Member of the Parliament Republic of Cyprus & Chair of Interior Affairs Committee

Jenda Tovarys

Head of Growth at Better Stack

Vladimír Macko

CTO and co-founder of Covariate

Dimitris Litsikakis

Director at Profile Software

Dr. Stephanos Ioannou

Neurophysiologist and Founder of Limassol Psychological Wellbeing Centre

Pavol Gurican

Founder & CEO at ksebe

Tanya Romanyukha

General Manager, TechIsland

Felix Efren Gonzalez Reyes

Fraud Analyst at Bolt

Mo Ali Yusuf

CEO Fuze, Co Chair Digial Assets, MENA Fintech Association

Meirav Harel

Global expert in web3, FinTech & blockchain

Roman Laus

Founder & CEO at Mewery

Margarita Chli

Professor in Robotic Vision & Director of the Vision for Robotics Lab at the University of Cyprus and ETH Zurich

Panos Siozos

CEO at LearnWorlds

Aristos Doxiadis

Partner at Big Pi Ventures & Partner at JEREMIE Openfund II

Terezia Mihalovic Lukacova

Founder & CEO at DASATO

Kirill Lisitsyn

Co-founder & CEO at Torus

Johan Widenberg Claesson

Chief Technology Officer at Zimpler

Antigoni Komodiki

CEO of Junior Achievement Cyprus

Diana Verkhoturova

Founder & CEO at Anymaster

Marina Stavrou

Post-Doctoral fellow at the Neuroscience department of The Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics (CING)

Angelo Dalli

Chief Scientist and CTO at UMNAI

Wes Henstock

Founder & Strategist at Confid3ntial

Eva Sommer

Founder & CEO at Fermify

Vasilis Zoupas

Co-founder & CEO at Woli

Olga Loktionova

PR Director of CAPSBOLD Creative Marketing Agency

Dmytro Kornilov

Co-founder and CEO at FFFACE.ME

Tony Jacobs

Founder & CEO at Magnet

Sengul Enginsoy

Marketing Manager at StartupBlink

Fabian Cabeza

Associate at Elias Neocleous & Co LLC

Elena Grigorian


Dora Trachana

Partner & CEO at Uni.Fund VC

Christiana Erotokritou

Member of the Parliament of the Republic of Cyprus, Chairwoman of the Financial and Budget Parliamentary Committee

Hélène Alexi Ioannides

Empowerment, Wellness & Leadership Coach at ENY

Thekla Paschali

CTO at payabl.

Mihkel Vitsur

Co-Founder & Chairman of Klarpay AG

Eli David Rokah

CEO of StartupBlink

Serena Sebastiani

Senior Director in the Financial Services Advisory arm of PwC Middle East, and Consulting Virtual Assets Leader

Jekaterina Govina

Co-founder at Amlyze and Partner at Response Legal

Martynas Bieliauskas

Co-Founder & CEO of Klarpay AG

Michael Ioannides

Visa Country Manager Cyprus

Apostolos Koumarinos

Founder theSPEAKERS | Public Speaking Champion

Jonathan Arler

General Manager for payabl.

Oleg Stefanets

Chief Risk Officer at payabl.

Tanya Schereisin

Co-founder & CEO at Zing Coach

Peter Maslik

Co-founder & COO of Investown

Mohamed Elzalabany

CEO & Cofounder Dailymealz, Venture Builder, Investor

Merima Mahmutovic

Senior Manager at PwC and Executive Board Member at EWPN

Sharon Chen

Strategy, Global Emerging Technology at EY

Simon Rovder

CTO and co-founder at Powerful Medical

Igor Skachkov

Chief Product Officer at payabl.

Esfira Zakas

Head of Marketing at payabl.

Victor Lamburt

CTO at Simple

Elena Prohaskova

Managing Director , Jetbrains Limited in Cyprus

Lukas Janousek

Serial Entrepreneur, Co-founder & Co-CEO FreewayCamper & Campiri

Jan Davidek

Partner at Purple Ventures

Milan Kovacic

CEO of Cosmic Latte

Niki Nikolaou

Director at Contentworks Agency

Dusan Duffek

Partner at Zero One Hundred, Co-founder at Reflect Festival, serial entrepreneur

Stylianos Lambrou

Co-founder & CEO of Heart Group, Co-founder of Reflect Festival, Co-founder of Techisland

George Georgiadis

Angel Investor in Impact Tech

Justin Lane

Co-Founder & CEO at CulturePulse

Max Verteletskyi

CEO & Co-founder at Spaceti

George Chalkiadakis

CEO at My-Buddy.AI

Emilios Charalambous

Associate at Elias Neocleous & Co LLC

Alexis Andreou

Director, Pascal Private School

Eddy Nassar

Professional MC & 7 Seas Manager

Elina Mantrali

Counsel - Financial Services, Digital Assets, Sanctions & Data Protection at Harneys

David Wallace

Founder, Journalist, Podcaster and Clean Water Activist

Sophia Paraskeva

Marketing & Communications Manager at Cybarco Development

Michalis Poullis

Business coach & Reflect Festival host

Andreas Michaelides

Investment Director at Innoport VC

Stavriana Nathanail

CMO at Digital Tree

Ross Pitman

Director - Business & Communications at GRS Global Recruitment Solutions

Costas Constantinides

General Facilitator, Lighthouse Primary School

Michael Tyrimos

Founder and Managing Director of Capacitor Partners

Ivan Sysoev

Business Unit Chief AI Officer at Quadcode

Marios Kyriakou

Co Founder & CEO at Darefore

Ivan Trancik

CEO & Founder at SuperScale

Michal Csonga

Partner at Zero One Hundred

Georgina Matamoros

JCI Vice President & Founder of Et Voilà!

Oksana Baykova

Product Marketer at CAPSBOLD

Niki Ioannou-Chandriotou

Head of Sales, Customer Care, Marketing & Communication, Cyta Business

George Georgiou

CEO at Krypto Security

Denis Lukyanov

Product Marketing Lead at CAPSBOLD

Petronela Halamova

Communication Expert & Head of Marketing at DASATO

Marek Zamecnik

CEO of Vestberry

Eugenia Herodotou

CEO of EnergyIntel Services Ltd

Maria Rapoport

Marketing and Parents Relationship Director, Leadership Coordinator of The Island Private School

Michael Ströck

Founding Partner at Allocator One

Christos Gkartzonikas

Project Manager and Transport Modeler at MobyX

And many more

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