May 2020

Discover our speakers

Claude Silver
Chief Heart Officer at VaynerMedia
Chelsea Chen
Co-Founder at Emotech
Ladislav Kossar
Founder & CEO at PROVIDA
Eva Nedelkova
Founder at MissionC
Petr Ludwig
Founder at Procrastination.com
Devika Wood
Co-Founder & Chief Development Officer at Vida Care
Alex Ruhl
360 Filmmaker & VR Director & Producer at CATS ARE NOT PEAS
Bryony Cole
Founder at Future of Sex
David Bizer
Founder & CEO at Talent Fountain
Andrea Orsag
Co-Founder at Mission C
Adam Bonnifield
VP Artificial Intelligence at Airbus
Natasha Lytton
Head of Brand & Marketing at Seedcamp
Matej Sucha
Founder & CEO at MINDWORX