Meet your speakers

Ankur Nagpal

Founder at Teachable, Vibe Capital and Ocho

Derek Sivers

Author of philosophy and entrepreneurship books

Ida Tin

Co-founder, former CEO and chairwoman of Clue

Sakis Tanimanidis

Producer, entrepreneur and TV host of Dragon's Den Greece

Amit Vasudev

Managing Partner at Earl Grey Capital, Co-founder at Clearbit

Loulou Khazen Baz

Entrepreneur, investor, podcast host, Managing Partner at Spade Ventures

Lars Rasmussen

Google Maps Co-Founder / Tech Angel Investor

Cyril Syc

Director in the Global Advisory division at Rothschild & Co

Mergim Cahani

Founder and CEO of Gjirafa

Ugne Buraciene

Group CEO at payabl.

Nicos Nicolaides

Mayor of Limassol

Konstantinos Ioannou

Minister of Interior

Irene Piki

Deputy Minister to the President in Cyprus

Marios Tannousis

CEO at Invest Cyprus

Theodoros Loukaidis

Director General at Cyprus Research & Innovation Foundation

Alexandra Balkova

Partner and Head of Portfolio at Startup Wise Guys

Elena Yost

Head Market Intelligence & Business Development At Lgt Private Banking

Christiana Erotokritou

Member Of The Parliament Of The Republic Of Cyprus, Chairwoman Of The Financial And Budget Parliamentary Committee

Alexey Gubarev

Co-founder of Palta &

Demetris Skourides

Chief Scientist for Research, Innovation and Technology

Evgenios Evgeniou

Chairman at Invest Cyprus

Constantinos Petrides

Former Minister Of Finance, Minister Of Interior, Deputy Minister To The President, European Commission Official

Nikolas Krawinkel

Partner, Mangrove Capital Partners

Marc Thom

Corporate Vice President CVC & Head of Henkel dx Ventures

Simona Kijonkova

CEO & Founder at Packeta Group

Andreas Neocleous

TechIsland Board Member & CEO of CYTA

Leanne Elliott Young

CEO & Co-Founder, Institute of Digital Fashion

Lubo Smid

Co-founder & CEO of STRV

Michael Printzos

Greece, Country Head at The Hellenic Initiative

Amani Hassan

Co-founder of Egypt University of Informatics, Founder Centre of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at EUI

Zachariah George

Managing Partner at Launch Africa Ventures, Leading African Tech Angel Investor; Chief Investment Officer at Startupbootcamp Africa

Hasan Juma

Chief Investment Officer at Ejada Capital

Madhumita Hazarika Bhagat

High Commissioner at High Commission of India, Nicosia, Cyprus

Hasan J. Zainal

Founder & Managing Partner at Arzan VC

Julie Barbier-Leblan

CEO and Co-Founder at Merit

Mohammed Al Rasbi

Founder and CEO at R&D Ventures and Labs

Raviv Sapir

Investment Professional at Blue Future Partners

Annie Arsane

Head of Business Marketing Middle East, Turkey, Africa, Pakistan, and Eastern Europe at TikTok / ByteDance

Anke Schlimm

Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Cyprus

Nicholas Ayiomamitis

CEO of Sunset Gardens by Imperio

Christos Onoufriou

Board Member At Techisland, Chief Executive Officer At Odyssey Cybersecurity

Vijay Bawra

Senior Director - Startup Innovation at T-Hub

Ahmed AbdelHamid

Managing Director at Unicorns Fund

Valentinos Polykarpou

Chairman of Techisland and General Manager at WarGaming

Andrei Dudoiu

Managing Partner & President BoD at SeedBlink

Philippos Soseilos

CEO & Chairman PwC Cyprus

Melina Taprantzi

Social Entrepreneur, SDGs and ESG Consultant, Founder of Earth&Co and Wise Greece

Elias Neocleous

Managing Partner, Elias Neocleous & Co LLC.

Antonis Polemitis

Board Member At Techisland, Chief Executive Officer At University Of Nicosia & Edex

Marek Rosa

Founder and CEO at GoodAI & Keen Software House

Natallia Mirancuk

Founder and CEO of Soula.Care

Rania Ayman

Founder and CEO of School of Fashion Management & Entreprenelle

Vitaly Gordeev

Principal Engineering Manager at JetBrains

Mariusz Gasiewski

CEE Mobile Gaming and Apps Lead at Google

Charalambos Sergiou

Tax Partner in the Tax Advisory team at PwC Cyprus

Lukas Yla

Director of Carsharing Business Unit at Bolt

Constantinos Herodotou

Governor Of Central Bank Of The Republic Of Cyprus

Sara Koslinska

Founder at Limitless

Julie D. Fisher

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the United States of America to the Republic of Cyprus

Mohamed Aboulnaga Nagaty

Emerging markets' venture builder, investor and tech entrepreneur

Cleo Papadopoulou

Partner, Chief Inclusion & Diversity Officer at PwC

Teodor Antonio Georgiev

Head of Storytelling Studio & Chief Communications Officer at The Recursivе

Marios Giorgoudis

General Manager At Techisland

Sana Afouaiz

Founder and Director of Womenpreneur

Nadia Ivanova

Chief Marketing Officer At Unlimit

Arthur Mamedov

Chief Executive Officer at TheSoul Publishing

Petr Valov

Executive board member at techisland, co-founder & chief executive officer at exness

Peter Duris

CEO at Kickresume

Reg Athwal

Founder of Verchool Holdings, TAO Legacy Holdings, RTS Global Partners & Fobillion Legacies

Patrik Wilkens

Vice President of Operations at TheSoul Publishing

Leni Andronicos

Co-founder and CEO at Logcast

Martin Zabadal

CEO at Aufeer Design

Yasser El-Bendary

Chairman at Update for Data Analytics & AI

Alina Soltys

Founder and Partner at QTP

Stella Manoli

Scientific Coordinator for ERA Chair QUEST at CaSToRC of the Cyprus Institute

Yiannis Gavrielides

Co-founder & CEO at Covve

Yiannis Misirlis

Founding Director at Imperio & Deputy Chairman at Cyprus Developers Association (LBDA)

Zviya Baron

Founder of Connecting the Dots

Anna Bulakh

Head of Ethics and Partnerships at Respeecher

Demetris Nicolaou

Chief Digital Officer at Bank of Cyprus

Michael Ioannides

Country Manager of Cyprus at Visa Europe

Sophia Paraskeva

Marketing & Communications Manager, Cybarco Development & Reflect Festival Host

Matej Ftacnik

Co-Founder at Vacuumlabs

Paul Jozefak

CEO at Receeve

Maria Tanjala

Co-founder of FilmChain

Mihkel Vitsur

Co-Founder & Chairman of Klarpay AG

Mary Harney

Independent Director and Business Adviser

Woonsuk Lee

Senior Manager of Global IR team at coconeONE corporation / Board member of cocone Europe OU

Yiorgos Koutsides

Head Of Private Education Ministry Of Education, Sports And Youth, Republic Of Cyprus

Milan Kovacic

CEO of Cosmic Latte

Matthieu Viala

Co-founder at Frak Labs and Sybel

Margarita Chli

Professor in Robotic Vision & Director of the Vision for Robotics Lab at the University of Cyprus and ETH Zurich

Daniel van Delft

Chief Executive Officer of Currence

Gys Hough

Managing Partner at Coinstone Capital

Miloš Matić

Founding Partner at Omorika Ventures

Constantinos Loizou

CEO at EMBIO Diagnostics

Antonis Kakoullis

Board of Directors at LBDA

Makis Savvides

Director of Payments at Wargaming Group Limited

Markus Kiukkonen

Co-Founder and COO at Bitmagic

Stavros Drakoularakos

General Manager of Philip Morris Cyprus

Andriana Philippou

Cyber Security Analyst at Hellenic Bank of Cyprus

Alana Condratov

New Business Director at Freemarket

Aya Zaghnin

Early stage Investor @Breega

Spyridoula Drakopoulou

Accelarator Manager at Google

Panayiota Katsamba

Managing Cordinator at the Cyprus Institute

Lontian Natsi

Manager in our Workforce Consulting Services in the Advisory department of PwC Cyprus

Clive Ryan

Regional Director EMEA of Global Risk Operations at META

Irfan Siddiq

British High Commissioner to Cyprus

Panos Bollas

Sector Lead, Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria & Malta at Google

Phryni Yiakoumetti Mina

Director at PwC


Ambassador of France in Cyprus


Deputy Minister, MEXT Head of Japanese Delegation to ITER Council

Sivan Cohen Shachari

Director at the DeserTech Community

Zdravko Krstanov

Editor in Chief of

Anthi Pashi

Business Development Director/Intelligence and Expansion at Partners Connected Communications, Reflect Festival Host

Kirill Gurskiy

Managing Director of GEM Capital

Loukas Antoniou

Head of Treasure at WarGaming

Reza Essop

Director | Emerging Technology Leader at PwC

George Astras

Medical Oncologist and a Professor of Oncology at the European University

Yiangos Zenonos

Property and Public Affairs Manager at Exness

Konstantin Zapoliansky

Senior Investment Director At Zubr Capital

Maria Nicolaou Christou

Acting Director At Cyprus Productivity Centre

Yiannis Armeftis

Founding Partner, Architect, Armeftis Partners

Constantinos Savvides

Director of the Real Estate Advisory practice at PwC Cyprus

Elena Grigoryan

Chief Strategy Officer at My.Games

Stanislav Ivanov

Founding Partner at Tera Ventures

Marios Alexandrou

Co-founder and shareholder of EnergyIntel Services Ltd

Christina Shailas

Founder and CEO of Gear Education

Chrysilios Pelekanos

President, Cyprus - India Business Association

Sumeet Jarangal

Director, DPIIT, Ministry of Commerce and Industries, Govt of India

Michael Tyrimos

Founder and Managing Director at Capacitor Partners

Ignacio Monereo

Partner at Boost Capital Partners

Demetris Liotatis

Senior Manager in the Tax Advisory team of PwC Cyprus

Maria Markidou Georgiadou

Managing Director of Cyprus Seeds

Danielle Dafni

Co-Founder and CEO at Peech

Ivan Trancik

CEO & Founder at SuperScale

Shri Subhash Jangala

First Secretary at High Commission of India, Nicosia, Cyprus

Alexander Goldybin

Co-Founder at Play2Earn LTD

Freda Yannitsas

CEO at the Cyprus Mail

John Abraham

CEO at AEON Payment Technologies Ltd

Manuel G. Somonte

Head of Production at Ten Square Games

Andreas Vlachos

Growth Manager in Greece & Cyprus at Binance

Marianna Prokopi-Demetriades

Co-founder at Theramir, Promed Bioscience & RSL Revolutionary Labs

Liudmila  Marochkina

Executive Director at DC Sport Soft LTD

Nicoletta Neophytou

Senior Manager in the Assurance department and member of the ESG and Sustainability team of PwC Cyprus

Andrew Lorraine

CEO at Resco

Nicholas Andreou

Entrepreneur at Antler, Founder of Impact Edge Consulting

Phedias Christodoulides

Senior Manager in the Assurance department and member of the ESG and Sustainability team of PwC Cyprus

Alexandros Charalambides

Associate Professor at the Cyprus University of Technology and Founder of ENERMAP & Chrysalis LEAP

Antonios Fiorakis

CEO at Protio

Kyriakos Yennadiou

Assurance Manager and member of the ESG and Sustainability team of PwC Cyprus

Stavros Malas

President of The Cyprus Institute

Katerina Pramatari

Founding partner at Uni.Fund

Constantine Dovrolis

Director of the Center for Computational Science and Technology (CaSToRC) at The Cyprus Institute (CyI)

Tomáš Richter Urban

Head of Crypto Desk at Sparring

George Vou

Co-founder and CEO at Mighty Kitchen

Nikolas Kairinos

Founder & Chief AI Architect at

Andreas Panayi

Co-Founder at Kinisis Ventures and KV Fund Investment Advisory Committee

Maroš Ľuba

Partner and a Creative Director at Studio Echt

Yiannis Eftychiou

Co-founder & Partner at 33East

Victoria Kostic - Nola

GM / Angel Investor & Advisor

Igor Skachkov

Chief Product Officer at payabl.

Frixos Larkos

Co-founder and CEO of Crowdbase

Nicoletta Psyllidou

Senior Manager, Workforce Advisory services Lead at PwC

Enrico Brehm

Antonis Neocleous

Co-founder of GAIN Ventures

Mariano Kostelec

Founder & CEO at StudentFinance

Tomas Vysny

Fintech Investor & Strategist

Deborah Economou

Head of School at The Island Private School, Limassol

George Tzazias

CEO of Ascanio

Minas Kyriakou

CTO at Ascanio

Dusan Duffek

Partner at Zero One Hundred, Co-founder at Reflect Festival, serial entrepreneur

Stylianos Lambrou

Co-founder & CEO of Heart Group, Co-founder of Reflect Festival, Co-founder of Techisland

Evagoras Xydas

CEO and founder of IREROBOT LTD

Alexandros Panayides

Managing Director in Cyprus and Greece at Zeal IO LTD

Lucas Bornert

COO and Co-founder at Onepilot

Noosh Baratpour

Co-Founder and CMO at Formaloo

Roman Iakovlev

Sponsorship Manager at BEONIX

Antonia Monogyiou

Advocate/Associate and Data Protection Officer at Elias Neocleous & Co LLC

Nicolas Kyriakides

Executive President & Founding Member of Cyprus Forum

Valeria Dobysheva

Partnership Manager at BEONIX

Alexander Jahn

Managing Partner at Reflect Festival

Jean Sciare

Director, Climate and Atmosphere Research Center (CARE-C), The Cyprus Institute

Evangelina Fysa

Founder at Bungálow 28

Stefanos Alexandrou

Director of Projects and Operations at Adam Health

Serge Gale

Co-founder and CEO of DISPL

Demetris Photiou

Product strategist, Co-founder of Simlead

George Georgiadis

Angel Investor in Impact Tech

JJ Jones

Co-Founder at Peccala

Nikolay Shestak

Partner at Zubr Capital Investment Company

Andreas Vladimirou

Director in the Financial Reporting Department, member of the Board of Directors at K. Treppides & Co Ltd

George Isaia

Policy Officer at Oxygono

Angelos Nicolaou

CEO at

Stavriana Nathanail

Head of Opium Works Digital

Karolina Zajac

VP of AI Business Development at

Marie-Therese Fam

Investment consultant and IC member of Five 35 Ventures

Michael Gitsis

CAO & Group CFO at Quadcode

Dagmara Handzlik

Web3 and Blockchain Marketing Consultant/Advisor, former Head of Marketing at Polkadex.

Michal Csonga

Partner at Zero One Hundred

Lina Fleitman

CCO & Co-founder at DISPL

Max Flanigan

Founder at NearbySky

Demetrios Zoppos

Co-founder & Partner at 33East

Maria Sibirtseva

Content Team Lead at Depositphotos

Diana Verkhoturova

Founder & CEO at Anymaster

Martin Zarian

Co-Founder, Brand Strategist & Design Lead at Factory 39

Michalis Poullis

Business coach & Reflect Festival host

Fabian Cabeza

Associate at Elias Neocleous & Co LLC

Justin Lane

Co-Founder & CEO at CulturePulse

Valia Papadimitriou

CEO and Co-Founder of DEVA Group

Juliana Saavedra

Founder and CEO of Appreci

Adam Durica

Investment manager at Zero One Hundred

Zuzana Simekova

Consultant, mentor, speaker, and bestselling author

Viktor Stefanak

Innovation Hub Manager & Podcast Host, Reflect Festival Host

Tony Jacobs

Founder & CEO at Magnet

Milan Mahovsky

CEO at

And much more to come...

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