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1000+ attendees - CEOs, entrepreneurs, managers, professionals, future enthusiasts, students - you can connect with them in a friendly environment.


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Reflect Festival is the largest future casting festival between Southern Europe and the Middle East. For the second time, we´re going to bring trendsetters, decision-makers, pioneers and challengers of our time to come and challenge the status quo of our current age and present possibilities the future will bring in the fields of AI, health & wellbeing, philosophy / mindset, cities, travel️, art & design, money and impact.

In May 2019, over 1000 attendees - entrepreneurs, managers, innovators, students, future enthusiasts will meet in Limassol, Cyprus together with 60 speakers from over 30 countries to get inspired and think beyond today.

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    icon AI

    Artificial intelligence is THE topic these days, as it promises to transform... well, pretty much everything. What's ahead for machine learning: will robots ever surpass the complex intelligence of their creators? What about human vs. AI communication? And how can AI help solve the world's biggest challenges?

    Speakers : Uri Eliabayev, Ralph Hinsche, Chris Duffey, Dawid Kotur
    icon Health tech

    Our lives keep getting longer, and thanks to health tech inventions, their quality is improving rapidly. How do medical devices become "smart" and how can that help both doctors and us? What opportunities does virtual reality bring? And can an app save your life?

    Speakers : Hicham Shatou, Tomas Brngal, Yosef Harb, Baher al Hakim
    icon Mobility

    Self-driving - or even flying - cars have come to life from the pages of our sci-fi books, and the whole world is waiting for Hyperloop to surpass our wildest dreams about speed. Will driving become completely obsolete? Will we need to keep buying vehicles, or will we simply share them? And what will public transportation look like?

    Speakers : Martin Piatkowski, Juraj Vaculík
  • The citizen of the future
    icon Sustainability

    We ignore the clock that's ticking for planet Earth. How do we keep our home safe for all of us? How do we fight global warming non-believers such as Trump, or unapologetic polluters such as China? And how do we gently use what our planet offers instead of exploiting it?

    Speakers : Irene-Marie Seelig, Pablo Vidarte, Sandra Rey, Mounir Kabarra
    icon Work & entrepreneurship

    The way we work is rapidly changing hand in hand with the tech revolution and the low rate of unemployment. How do we "hack" the workplace? How do we become empowered, independent, future-proof employees and leaders? And how do we recognize the talent fit for the future?

    Speakers : Martin Hauge, Philippos Aristoutelos, Matej Sucha, Daniel Marek
    icon Communication & marketing

    It's undoubtedly the age of information overload - it takes an effort to distinguish between the truth and a hoax in the news, and we're helpless towards ads taking over our screens and our streets. How do we avoid digital burnout? How do brands find a way into our cluttered minds? And can the truth be more attractive than sensational misinformation?

    Speakers : Jamie Bolding, Christian Schmickler, Iman Obou
  • The Playroom
    We are preparing exciting, intimate, interactive sessions for those who rather do than just listen. Stay tuned for announcements on workshops, discussions, and masterclasses!
  • Stage 1
  • Stage 2
  • Stage 3
    icon Future of cities

    Fun has never been more fun! What's next for music, books, and movies in the context of new tech? How realistic and immersive can games become? And what happens if we enjoy the virtual world more than the real one?

    icon EdTech

    No one can doubt that playful, personal, tech-powered learning is more valuable and enjoyable for kids and adults alike. What can we learn from Nordic countries that pioneer original education methods? How do we constantly learn, unlearn and relearn in a fast-paced job market? And will schools as we know them disappear?

    Speakers : Cristina Pozzi
    icon MONEY

    The money as we know it is being disrupted every day by new players entering the arena. How are the most forward-thinking banks transforming to retain their competitive edge? Who are the new kids on the (financial) block? And what’s with all the buzz around digital money?

  • The citizen of the future
    icon Impact

    Just as our environment needs a revolution in human awareness, so does humanity itself. How do we tackle inequality? How do we help each other, in big ways and small? And what can companies do to make the world at least a slightly better place?

    Speakers : Andrew Forman
    icon Relationships

    The increasingly liberal society has allowed relationships to evolve far beyond the traditional. Where are we headed when it comes to intimacy and love? Does tech bring humans closer together or has it ruined our relationships? And can we fall in love with a robot?

    icon Health & Lifestyle

    It's that simple: we all strive to be happy and healthy. How do we treat our bodies and minds as our temples? What ingenious ideas will shape the way we live in the future? Which inventions will bring us more comfort, fun, or time?

    Speakers : Aki Soudunsaari, Hans Stier, Tom Simmons
  • The Playroom
    We are preparing exciting, intimate, interactive sessions for those who rather do than just listen. Stay tuned for announcements on workshops, discussions, and masterclasses!

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Reflect Festival is the largest future casting festival between Southern Europe and the Middle East. Join the hundreds of people that attended our festival last year and help us make it even greater this year with over 1000 expected attendees. On May 9-10, 2019 in Limassol, Cyprus you'll get a chance to meet and get inspired by the greatest innovators in the World.


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We would like to support students. That´s why we introduced a students´ ticket for just 90€. Please bring your students´ ID with you on the day of the event.


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"It was amazing to experience how you have managed to mix people from different companies and disciplines. The conferences that I usually attend are quite technical and topic specific. At Reflect you have created a mix of different areas, which was very interesting and thought-provoking."

Ignacio Gonzalez

Technology Senior Manager at Vodafone Group

"At Reflect, I have met some very interesting speakers, attendees and I also learned about the local business environment. Cyprus has a lot to offer and I am already looking forward to coming back soon."

Juraj Vaculík

CEO at Aeromobil

"It was a positive mix of speakers, topics and opinions which nurtured constructive discussions and exchange of ideas and technology insights. Cyprus has a lot to offer. I was impressed by the local hospitality, great weather and the vibe of the island and I believe Cyprus is as a perfect destination where business nicely blends with leisure. Next year I will be very pleased to come back."

Ralph Hinsche

Head of Business Development at Nvidia

"It was an enriching experience for me to see the different use-cases of latest technologies, such as AI, VR or blockchain. This has helped me to shape the vision of my own company. I am glad that I was part of it."

Tomas Brngal

Co-founder ar Virtual Medicine

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