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See you in Limassol, Cyprus on 9-10 May, 2019

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Sunny island, hot topics & bright innovators. Join us!

Reflect Festival is the largest future casting festival between Southern Europe and the Middle East. We bring trendsetters, decision-makers and challengers of our time to come and challenge the status quo of our current age and present possibilities the future will bring. These people are already working on bringing the future closer to present and took responsibility for making the world a better place. They travel around the world and share their vision, work and outcomes and try to inspire others to embrace future thinking and use creativity to change things now and here. They serve as role models of change to many - decision-makers, entrepreneurs, students and policy makers. Reflect Festival is a place where both sides meet and share stories through keynote presentations, panel discussions, fireside chats and workshops.

DATE 9 until 10 May 2019

LOCATION Limassol, Cyprus

SPEAKERS 80+ speakers


Our first speakers. More speakers to be added soon.

Juraj Vaculik Founder & CEO at Aeromobil

Martin S. Hauge Chairman at Frog Capital

Daniel Marek CEO at Systemios

Peter Bolebruch Concept Architect at Teesys

Tomas Brngal

Tomas Brngal Co-Founder & CEO at Virtual Everything

Uri Eliabayev

Uri Eliabayev Founder at Machine & Deep learning Israel and business consultant

Ralph Hinsche

Ralph Hinsche Business Development Manager at NVIDIA

Topics Covered

Health & Wellbeing
Philosophy / Mindset


Companies That Attended Last Year

See you in Limassol

9-10 May 2019 - Limassol, Cyprus