Sergiu Ardelean

Co-founder & CEO at Artivive

Sergiu Ardelean is a visionary entrepreneur from Austria who has made a name for himself in the world of Augmented Reality. As the founder of a successful AR agency that served major clients such as Volkswagen and Audi across 42 countries, Sergiu has a proven track record of delivering cutting-edge solutions. He is now taking his expertise to the next level with his new startup, Artivive. This innovative company is revolutionizing the art world by blending haptic and digital art through augmented reality. With offices in Europe, the US, and China, Artivive is already being used by 220,000 artists in 120 countries. The company’s collaborations with renowned museums and galleries in cities such as Vienna, Munich, San Francisco, Seoul, and Shanghai are a testament to the exciting new dimensions that augmented art can bring. Sergiu is the CEO of Artivive and is responsible for overseeing product development and ensuring that the company stays true to its vision and mission.

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