Justin Lane

Co-Founder & CEO at CulturePulse

Justin E. Lane is the Co-Founder and CEO at CulturePulse, a US-Slovak AI company that provides advanced social media analytics to marketers, policy makers, NGOs, and researchers. Its flagship project is a SaaS platform that lets you study and experiment with messages on online social media platforms to predict what will “catch on”. It works this by creating digital twins of large scale conversations.

The technology is currently being used to study marketing, ads, misinformation, and social stability on Reddit, Twitter, and within paramilitary communities.

It’s also involved in a project by The Woolf Institute at Cambridge University to study peace-building in Northern Ireland, The Balkans, South Sudan, and Ukraine. The AI is utilized to analyze millions of news reports to help policymakers understand what levers of peace and conflict exist within and between societies so that reconciliation can happen faster in divided communities.

Justin received his doctorate degree from the University of Oxford, where he pioneered new approaches to study human cultures and online social networks. His research projects have been covered globally in outlets such as The New York Times, Joe Rogan Experience, BBC, and Vice News. Justin has been a featured speaker at research, technology, and policy conferences in North America, Asia, and Europe. He’s also the author of the book Understanding Religion through Artificial Intelligence, published by Bloomsbury.

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