Leanne Elliott Young

CEO & Co-Founder, Institute of Digital Fashion

Leanne Elliott Young is the CEO & Co-Founder (she/her) of Institute of Digital Fashion. IoDF has 6 industry worlds firsts in metaverse activations and concepts and is the global leader. ‘Institute of digital fashion is masterminding fashion’s transition into the metaverse.’ – Vogue

Young the ‘Metaverse mama’ is noted globally as the lead innovator and commentator on the topics of metaverse, digital fashion innovation, inclusivity in tech, web3 sustainability and NFTs.

Building business cases and creative concepts for the future; an inclusive, diverse, decentralised and sustainable one.

Young is C-suite executive, female founder and academic, that works within strategic creative and bus dev innovation for IRL x URL digital fashion creations and metaverse centric showcases.

Doers around the world,
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