Stylianos Lambrou

Entrepreneur and Investor,Co-founder & CEO of Heart Group, Co-founder of Reflect Festival, Co-founder of Techisland

Stylianos is a serial entrepreneur who was born in Limassol, Cyprus. He studied IT at UCL in London and then Entrepreneurship at the University of Cambridge. He started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 19. He already has several ventures in his portfolio under the umbrella of Heart Group of which he co-founded with his sister. Heart Group us is a diversified group of companies in multiple sectors. His group currently holds 17 real estate in its portfolio, including the renovation and construction of boutique hotels, residential and commercial spaces in Limassol and Athens. Since 2017, he is the co-founder of Reflect Festival, the largest technology festival in Cyprus and the wider region. Through this festival, important business synergies and actions for Cyprus and beyond have been achieved, with world-class founders, investors and researchers showing practical interest in operating their ventures on the island. In 2021 he was one of the initiators and founders of Techisland, a non-profit organization whose mission is to accelerate the growth of the tech ecosystem in Cyprus. In addition, the lineup of the group’s companies includes a govtech company whose software is used by 150 municipalities and community councils and has recently been selected in the consortium to build the e-government platform for all the municipalities of Cyprus. He is also a Founding Partner at Whitebeam Ventures, a venture builder which built Workin Spaces in Limassol & Athens and other projects which will be launched soon.

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