Peter Duris

CEO at Kickresume

Peter is the CEO of Kickresume, a thriving tech company that has evolved from a humble student start-up to a global career platform boasting over 3 million subscribers. His expertise spans from AI implementation and processing, through Large Language Model (LLM) integration, to business strategy and product design. Peter delights in bridging the gap between innovation and design, ultimately enhancing people’s lives through his visionary endeavors. A civil engineer by education, Peter is an alumnus of the University of Technology in Brno, Czechia. Outside of his professional commitments, he is an avid sports enthusiast who relishes surfing, snowboarding, ski alpinism, sailing, and playing ice hockey, a sport which he once competed professionally. As a champion of hybrid and remote work, Peter advocates for striking the right balance between work and personal life, rather than adhering to the traditional 9-to-5 work schedule. He believes that everybody should have the freedom to work during their most productive hours, whatever they are, and enjoy family, hobbies, learning, or any other activities that bring them joy. He and his colleagues practice this themselves, as they often operate remotely from an alpine hut office.

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