Reflect Festival is expanding throughout Limassol, the new concept to happen in October

17 June 2021

The future-casting and tech festival Reflect is returning to Cyprus, redesigned for the new post-pandemic world. On October 14-15-16, the city of Limassol will live and breathe the topics that shape our future through discussions, activities, and lectures. After last year's hybrid event, the 2021 edition will finally be held entirely in person. 


"The pandemic experience has shown us all how invaluable real human connections are. The team behind Reflect is thrilled to deliver another unforgettable festival, tailored for the new era," explains Stylianos Lambrou, the co-founder of Reflect Festival. This time, the event location is the whole Old Town of Limassol, with five main areas where dedicated activities will occur. "Our wish is to get the citizens even more involved, spark curiosity and provide a hub where new connections are easy to create," says Dusan Duffek, the festival's co-founder. 


Further details about the reinvented 2021 edition will be released throughout the following months on the festival website. More than 50 international speakers will join the event and thousands of attendees from Cyprus and beyond. 


As always, Reflect will celebrate the future, highlight tech advancements, and bring forward the best of innovation. Previously, these messages were delivered by guest speakers including Claude Silver, Chief Heart Officer at VaynerMedia; Yossi Vardi, one of Israel's first high-tech entrepreneurs; Bryony Cole, Founder at Future of Sex; and Sujay Tyle, co-founder of Frontier Car Group. Serving as an important business, networking, and educational hub, the festival remains welcoming to those who value curiosity, think beyond today and turn ideas into actions with lasting impact. 


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