Terms & Conditions


General Terms

Reflect Festival is organized by L.D. REFLECT FESTIVAL LTD., with registered seat at Riga Fereou Street, S.Socratous, Building Apt. 101, 3500 Limassol, Cyprus, company ID no. : HE 389649, hereinafter referred to as “we“, “us“ or „Reflect“. This document sets the terms and conditions between Reflect and You, when you purchase a ticket, accept an invitation, sign a partnership agreement, attend the event or festival organized by Reflect. By purchasing a ticket, You are agreeing to comply with and be bound by these terms and conditions. You should read this document carefully. Reflect reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.


Reflect Code of Conduct 

By purchasing a ticket, accepting an invitation and entering the event area, you are expected to respect all fellow attendees regardless of their gender, race, religion, age, sexual orientation, disability or other aspects of what we look like, where we come from and who we are. We do not accept any kind of disrespectful behavior in any of our events. Reflect is meant to be a 100% positive experience from the beginning till the end, for all of our attendees. Disrespectful behavior includes, but is not limited to: 1) Verbal comments that reinforce social structures of domination related to gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, age or religion 2) Deliberate intimidation 3) Sustained disruption of talks or other events 4) Inappropriate physical contact 5) Advocating for, or encouraging, any of the above behaviour. Attendees violating these rules may be expelled from Reflect at the discretion of the organizers.


Photo & Video Policy

By purchasing a ticket, accepting an invitation and entering the event area, you expressly give your consent to Reflect and permission to copyright and use recordings (including live streaming) and photographic portraits or pictures of you, without compensation, wholly intact or in part, through any and all media now or hereafter known or invented, for illustration, art, promotion, advertising, trade, or any other purpose and you release Reflect from any liability whatsoever of any nature in regard thereto.


Ticket Policy

All prices indicated on reflectfest.com website include VAT in its valid rate. By purchasing a ticket for this event, you agree that each ticket is applicable to the single person registered and named for that ticket. All tickets are personal and must be assigned to an attendee. All required attendees details (full name, email address, telephone number) must be 100% complete at least 1 day before the event. Admission to the festival will not be granted without full payment received prior to the event. Reflect is not responsible for replacing lost or damaged wristbands and/or badges.


Refund and Cancellation

Ticket purchases are nonrefundable for any reason. If you are unable to attend the event, you may transfer your ticket to someone else by contacting us on [email protected] at least 7 days before the event. 


Badges at Festival 

A badge must be picked up before entering the event. The badge pick-up locations will be communicated on reflectfest.com website and by email at least 7 days prior to the event. When picking up the badge, the visitors must identify themselves with a valid ticket or photo ID. Once the festival badge is printed, Reflect is no longer obligated to make any changes.


Event cancellation

Reflect is not responsible for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of substitution, alteration, cancellation or postponement of an event. In the event of an unexpected incident independent of Reflect, Reflect reserves the right to make changes to the date and time for all parts of the event at least one week prior to the event. In the case of rescheduling of an event, the ticket may be returned by a deadline determined by Reflect, however, preferably immediately after the announcement of the new event date. After the deadline has expired, Reflect will not receive any claims for reimbursement. Reflect reserves the right to make changes to the events at a date less than one week before, if there is a justified reason such as an unexpected problem with the location, or if a speaker is prevented from participating. Please note that while speakers and topics are confirmed at the time of publishing, circumstances beyond the control of the organizers may necessitate substitutions, alterations or cancellations of the speakers and/or topics. As such, Reflect reserves the right to alter or modify the advertised speakers and/or topics if necessary without any liability to you whatsoever. Any substitutions or alterations will be updated on our web page as soon as possible.



Reflect will not be liable for any loss, injury or damage to any person or property howsoever caused before, after or during the festival or events. Reflect is not responsible for any tickets that are lost or stolen. Each participant must make provision for his or her own insurance. You consent to film and sound recording as attendees at any event or conference. By purchasing a ticket, accepting an invitation and entering the event area, you acknowledge that your participation in the event is voluntary.


Reflect Name and Logo

Purchasing the ticket and attending the festival does not grant You any rights to use the name of Reflect or any of its logos without permission granted by Reflect.