08 - 09
Oct 2020

Discover Limassol

Cyprus has arguably never seen such overwhelming space for growth as today. Reflect aims to be the driver of a remarkable journey to become a global tech destination. The festival is becoming an innovation platform connecting regional talent and entrepreneurs with capital and knowledge from all around the world.

The Sunniest Island in the World

Limassol is the island's second-largest city with a neverending beautiful coast that will satisfy even the most demanding visitors. Sandy beaches with facilities and shallow water - perfect for families and small children, rocky ones with dramatic surroundings and archaeological sites that cannot be found anywhere else in the world, off-the-beaten-path bays between the hills for private delight, adventurous kite-surfing spots or luxurious beach bars with world-known music performers.

Architecture Design & Development

Limassol is booming with development projects, including the tallest seafront residential tower in the Mediterranean and Europe's largest casino resort, shaping its modern and cosmopolitan image. The unique mixture of traditional and futuristic architecture styles is creating a pulsing city that grows day by day. One of its recognizable landmarks is The Oval, located in the heart of the vibrant business district of Limassol that has its distinctive shape inspired by the round pebbles found on the beach.

Delicious mediterranean treasures

Tonight, we don't just eat. We Mezze! Cyprus is a gastronomy dreamland! With fresh fish & seafood, original halloumi cheese, sheftalia-spicy sausages stuffed with herbs, minced meat or vegetables that are grilled, up to sweat, honey-soaking, nut coated baklavas and deep-fried loukoumades, no one remains hungry! All that in Michelin-star restaurants or cozy tavernas right on the street corners.

Metropolis steeped in history

Limassol was built between two ancient Greek cities, Amathus and Kourion, dating back to 2000 BC. For thousands of years, Cyprus has been a meeting point for the world's great civilizations. When wandering down the streets of ancient “Lemesós”, you feel a rich and diverse history, traced back to the Neolithic age, ancient Greece, up to medieval crusades and colonial times. The remains of these times are present in various UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as The Sanctuary of Apollo, monument dedicated to the God of Light. Don't just read about history, visit it!

Discover the real Cyprus

Heart Cyprus is a unique project embracing all the best this island has to offer. Experience, discover, and learn everything about the island of Love and Beauty.