Loulou Khazen Baz

Entrepreneur, investor, podcast host, Managing Partner at Spade Ventures

Loulou is an entrepreneur, investor and podcast host. Loulou is the Managing Partner at Spade Ventures, a network of 200+ high net worth individuals and family offices investing $500k-$2Mn in early-stage tech startups across MENA. Loulou is the host of the leading MENA startups and technology podcast Conversations with Loulou. Twice a month, she invites founders, VCs and mic worthy leaders to share insights. Prior to that Loulou founded Nabbesh.com in 2012, the MENA region’s first and largest online marketplace connecting businesses with 100,000+ freelancers. In 2020 Nabbesh was acquired by Ureed.com. When time permits, Loulou accepts speaking engagements and spends time advising early-stage tech founders.

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