Karolina Zajac

VP of AI Business Development

As VP of AI Business Development at Soffos.ai, Karolina is excited to connect the needs of her clients to groundbreaking generative AI technology. With the rapidly changing information landscape and disparate data sources within every company, extracting knowledge and disseminating it effectively will be critical for organizational efficiency and communication. She is proud to be a part of bringing Soffos.ai’s cutting edge NLP technology and thought leadership to the world. Karolina brings over 10 years of experience in technology consulting for the Silicon Valley and EMEA regions. With early years in telecommunications and cloud services, and 8 years providing support to some of the most innovative AI endeavors in the world, she has gained a wide breadth of technical and industry expertise. Her approach as a consultant is to be a trusted advisor to her clients, providing industry knowledge, solutions recommendations, and support that will solve their pain points and make life easier.

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