Digital Experience

Sure, our future is full of screens, tech giants transforming the way we live and sci-fi scenarios - and so, so much more than that! Staying at home doesn't mean you can't stay in the loop and meet people who can change your future. Join us for three days that will ignite your curiosity and imagination whether it comes to business, our society - or simply what it will mean to be human.

Why to attend

Conferences don't have to be all about business: what about curiosity, joy & fun, and the kind of ideas that stay with you forever? Our colorful program will do exactly that, plus you'll be able to meet, chat, network, ask, and brainstorm - all in your sweatpants back home. What will it look like? Well, imagine your favorite talkshow spread throughout three days, taking place in sunny Cyprus with dozens of exciting guests sharing their stories.

Digital Experience Powered by the Best Technology

The virtual platform Hopin will help you experience the festival almost as if you were right there with us in Cyprus. It's more than just watching presentations: you'll get to visit an expo, attend a startup competition, check out who's there with you, and even chat to other attendees and arrange meetings with them.

Exclusive sneak peeks

We'll take you into some of the most fascinating companies in Cyprus and show you what they're cooking.

Why has Reflect Festival decided to organize this year's festival online?

Due to the current situation regarding Covid-19, it's for the best for all our Reflectians to stay home and stay safe. Our goal has always been to open up Cyprus to the world and create opportunities for everyone visiting: we wouldn't live up to our vision if we exposed our audience to the danger that is unfortunately once again on the rise. Read more at :

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