Reflect Festival delivers again, the most impactful tech event in Cyprus connected 5100 doers

29 October 2022

The 2022 edition of Reflect Festival took over Limassol, with more than 5000 people wearing the "Doers United" badges walking the Old Town's streets. The country's biggest and most impactful tech event shows no signs of slowing down, gathering more than 120 speakers and offering world-class stages and a diverse 4-day networking program.

Beyond that, Reflect proved to be a meeting spot for entrepreneurs, startups, and investors from the entire region, solidifying its position as an internationally renowned tech event. People from over 30 countries attended. 

"Thank you to everyone who contributed to our mission to turn Cyprus into a tech island. This edition encouraged us to continue with our ambitious plans. With the growing support of our partners and participants, I'm confident we will keep surprising you every year," says Stylianos Lambrou, the festival's co-founder. 

"Impact isn't just a buzzword for us. New ideas, business deals, investments, and relocations happen continuously because of Reflect. This is the fuel that keeps us going," adds Dusan Duffek, also Reflect's co-founder. 

Brand new stages and networking features

This year's stages got a significant makeover compared to previous editions. Carob Mill's futuristic Money & Web 3.0 stage powered by payabl. mirrored the focus on cutting-edge technology. The Old Port Square hosted a huge scaffolding-based colorful stage seating more than 500 people, something that was never done in Cyprus before. The smallest - and consistently packed - You 2.0 stage was called a "hidden gem" by many, with topics revolving around health, well-being, work-life balance, and impact. 

Speakers and attendees highlighted the festival's "family-like" atmosphere as one of the most valuable features. This is intentional: despite its growth, Reflect remained compact, walkable, warm, discussion-driven off-stage, and straightforward on stage. 

For the first time, meetings were enhanced thanks to an expo that included 65 startups and partners who prepared informative booths and fun activities. On top of that, Covve designed scannable NFC-enabled badges that facilitated instant connections, be it during the program or multiple evening parties.

The organizers are grateful for overwhelmingly positive responses. 

"As part of my CEO duties, I've got the blessing and curse to attend multiple conferences every year around the world. Reflect is definitely classified as one of those events I was blessed to attend," explains Mike Charalambous, CEO of Threedium, who was one of the speakers. 

"It has been particularly rejuvenating to attend a tech event by the sea with such strong innovation and ambitious vibes from all the attendees. Definitely the epicenter of the beginning of great relationships, partnerships, and new product launches. This is game-changing in the global tech conference scene!" 

Marie Therese Fam, Partner at a venture capital firm Silicon Badia, agrees that Reflect was a valuable experience. “Reflect was incredibly refreshing. The content was spot on, and the organization was impeccable. I really enjoyed learning about the ecosystem in Cyprus and the region in such a fun and inspiring atmosphere. I will definitely be back.”

Reflect Festival will return next year, once again gathering bright minds and bringing innovation to Cyprus. 

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