Pay attention to African entrepreneurs, says impact investing expert Eva Nedelkova

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08 March 2022

Investors think in terms of profit, but sometimes, the only priority isn’t necessarily monetary success. The target can be a measurable, positive social or environmental impact. 

The world’s wealthiest are heavily involved in the efforts to direct money where it can make a difference – back in 2018, Forbes rounded up the 24 world’s billionaires leading the way. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation takes the top spot, one of the recent initiatives being $250 million committed to COVID-19 vaccine development and distribution. 

While the charitable distribution of wealth isn’t a new concept, the ideas around impact investing are surely making waves these days. Investment funds and venture philanthropists are becoming increasingly interested in projects considerate to our future - as they should. '

We've invited Eva Nedelkova from MissionC to Reflect Festival to tell us about impact investing, circular economy, and some of the best entrepreneurial ideas she's witnessed on her visit to Ghana. 

“We know that circular economy - a creative way of working with our resources - has 1.8 trillion potential in the coming years only in Europe. Imagine the value it generates,” Eva pinpointed. In Africa, she was mindblown by the “biggest business opportunities” she has ever encountered during her 2-month stay. 

According to Eva, the bottom line is that in somewhat tricky conditions, brilliant ideas are born, but Africa needs capital to make them happen. “You can come up with amazing business models but you will need money and technology to do that,” she says. 

Watch her talk to hear about some of the most innovative - and sustainable - inventions, ideas, and projects she has observed in Ghana. 


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